Work Package 7

Development of an online educational programme for palliative sedation

Lead beneficiary:
Lancaster University, UK

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This Work package aims to develop an online education programme about palliative sedation building upon the results of the previous WPs, including the observational study, the literature review and the updated EAPC framework for palliative sedation.  The following objectives will guide the work:

  • Design the content of an evidence based online educational programme to help clinicians, patients, families and interested people understand more about the practical, ethical and cultural aspects of palliative sedation
  • Prepare resources to support the online programme
  • Film ‘best practice’ examples to illustrate diversity in consortium countries
  • Promote online programme and manage registrations for programme
  • Deliver online programme
  • Evaluate programme

Professor Nancy Preston is the Work Package 7 lead and talks about the aims and objectives of this team:

Work Package 7 Team

“In this work package we will be developing an online educational programme to help clinicians and the wider public understand how to use palliative sedation.”

Nancy Preston

Work Package 7 Lead

“I will be leading the Dissemination and Exploitation activities of this project to ensure that all audiences are aware of the project and its findings.”

Sheila Payne

WP 7 Co-lead

“I will lead on developing an online educational programme (MOOC) focusing on the role of palliative sedation within palliative care aimed at a broad international audience, particularly clinicians.”

Dunja Begović

Research Associate

“I will be involved in the preparation and editing of materials for the Palliative Sedation Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), particularly video resources.”

Zoe Cockshott

Senior Research Associate

“I will be providing technical support for the project website and maintenance of background office communications.”

Anthony Greenwood

Technical Support

We are grateful to the following project partners who worked with us in this work package:

University of Navarra (WP1)
Radboud University Medical Centre (WP2)
UZ Leuven (WP3)
University of Pecs (WP4)
University Hospital Bonn (WP6)
European Association for Palliative Care (WP8)
La Maddalena S.p.A. (MCC)
European Cancer Patient Coalition (ECPC)