Work Package 6

Revision of the EAPC framework for palliative sedation

Lead beneficiary:
University Hospital Bonn, Germany

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The main aims of this work package are to revise the EAPC framework on palliative sedation using a Delphi process.

A four step Delphi procedure will be developed and undertaken consisting of the following elements:

  • To establish a steering group and expert panel
  • The identification of components to submit for peer review in the expert panel
  • A Delphi process consisting of a series of statements that will be rated by experts for consensus
  • Approval of revised version of the framework by the steering group
  • To draft an EAPC white paper based on the revised framework recommendations

The revised version will be submitted to the EAPC board for approval as a formal white paper providing maximum authority towards palliative caregivers and health care decision makers.

Professor Lukas Radbruch is the Work Package 6 lead and talks about the aims and objectives of this team:

Work Package 6 Team

“The European Association for Palliative Care had published a framework for guidance on palliative sedation. Our work package will update that framework and try to formulate guidelines that are concise and clear enough to provide strong guidance for health care professionals but are still flexible enough to account for ethical decision making and differences between cultural attitudes that may influence the approach to palliative sedation.”

Lukas Radbruch

Work Package 6 Lead

Séverine will be conducting research in relation to Work Package 6.

Séverine Surges


Birgit is responsible for the coordination and supervision of researchers, administration/finances and a scientific contribution to Delphi study.

Birgit Jaspers

Research Coordinator

“My role is primarily that of researcher within Work Package 6.”

Holger Brunsch


Other Work Package Partners

We are grateful to the following project partners who worked with us in this work package:

University of Navarra (WP1)
Radboud University Medical Centre (WP2)
UZ Leuven (WP3)
University of Pecs (WP4)
European Association for Palliative Care (WP8)