Work Package 4

Moral case deliberation to support decision-making for refractory symptoms/palliative sedation

Lead beneficiary:
University of Pécs, Hungary

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The aims of this work package are as follows:

  • To study moral case deliberations of professional care providers concerning refractory symptom management / palliative sedation in the clinical practice in 8 European countries (Spain, the Netherlands, England, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Romania).
  • To study (perceptions about) the management of refractory symptoms and the role of palliative sedation in a fictive (vignette) case study in 16 clinical centres in several countries
  • To assess and analyse the results obtained from the management of real patients’ cases using the moral case deliberation method in 16 clinical care settings (the dilemma method).
  • Based on these results, to make recommendations for the online education program

Work Package 4 Team

Agnes will be developing patient cases and chairing the multidisciplinary case discussions (moral case deliberation sessions) in Hungary.

Ágnes Csikós

Work Package 4 Lead

“I will be taking part in devising the research protocol and preparing as well as organizing the moral case deliberations in clinical practice. I will also be writing the reports for WP4.”

Eva Pozsgai

Research Project Advisor

Csilla is responsible for organising and supporting multidisciplinary case discussions (moral case deliberation sessions) in Hungary.

Csilla Busa

Research Coordinator

Other Work Package Partners

We are grateful to the following project partners who worked with us in this work package:

University of Navarra (WP1)
Radboud University Medical Centre (WP2)
UZ Leuven (WP3)
Hospice Casa Sperantei (WP5)
University Hospital Bonn (WP6)
Lancaster University (WP7)
La Maddalena S.p.A. (MCC)