Work Package 3

Palliative sedation: a multiple case study

Lead beneficiary:
KU Leuven, Belgium

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The objective of this work package to perform a multiple case study about palliative sedation based on professional caregivers and family members interviews.


  • Preparing an interview guide
  • Performing 10 professional caregivers and 10 family members interviews at each site
  • Case summaries of palliative sedation cases based on interviews, drafted per clinical centre
  • Cross country comparison of interview data
  • Analysis of results and draft publication

Professor Johan Menten is the Work Package 3 lead and talks about the aims and objectives of this team:

Work Package 3 Team

“We will perform a multiple case study in Belgium, Germany , Italy, the Netherlands and Spain by interviewing informal and professional caregivers of an palliative sedated patient. This way we hope to create an image how the decision making process runs in different European countries and how palliatieve sedation is experienced by the caregivers.”

Johan Menten

Work Package 3 Lead

“I will be responsible for performing the research in work package three.”

Michaël Van der Elst


Other Work Package Partners

We are grateful to the following project partners who worked with us in this work package:

University of Navarra (WP1)
Radboud University Medical Centre (WP2)
UZ Leuven (WP3)
University Hospital Bonn (WP6)
La Maddalena S.p.A. (MCC)