Project Presentations

On this page, we include files that were presented or made available during in-person or online meetings and seminars by members of the research team during the course of the project.

Romanian National Association of Palliative Care (ANIP) Conference, 22-23 October 2021

Members of the Work Package 1 team, based in the University of Navarra, Spain, presented an overview of their work at this annual conference.

Carlos Centeno

A presentation of the RESPACC Framework, (an Erasmus+ project)

Eduardo Garralda

An overview of the International Survey conducted by the Work Package 1 Team

Palliative Sedation Webinar – 3rd June 2021

This webinar offered an opportunity for clinicians and researchers to learn about the work of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 funded PalliativeSedation project and to have some of their key questions posed on the topic to the panel. 197 people registered to attend this free 60-minute webinar. The webinar was chaired by Prof Sheila Payne (UK)

Palliative Sedation Webinar Video

Webinar Recording

Presentations and audience interaction recorded in this YouTube video.

Image of presentation first slide entitled Clinical aspects of Palliative Sedation by Maria Arantzamendi

Maria Arantzamendi

“Clinical aspects of Palliative Sedation”

Image of presentation first slide entitled Reflections on palliative sedation: Case presentations by Kris Vissers

Kris Vissers

“Reflections on palliative sedation! Case presentations”

Image of presentation first slide entitled: Palliative sedation: Introduction by Jeroen Hasselaar

Jeroen Hasselaar

“Palliative sedation: Introduction”