European Cancer Patient Coalition



Members of the ECPC will be assisting with the dissemination of research findings arising from this project. The team will also be consulting with patients and their families in order to construct a lay version of a glossary of terms and compiling a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions, (FAQ). Both of these information resources will be posted on this website.


Klevisa will support the Head of Health and Research Programmes in coordinating the organization’s varied projects and executes ECPC’s research activities, including both one-year industry-funded and multiple-year EU funded projects. She participates in several European Union Research and Innovation framework programmes. She also maintains an overview of the projects’ progress and financial expenditures, ensuring the dissemination of project-related work and the timely delivery of obligations and commitments.

Klevisa Ceka

Project officer

“My chief roles will be the preparation of both a Most Frequently Asked Questions and a Glossary of Terms document for use by non-professionals.”

Juan-Jose Ventura


“From the communications perspective, we engage with cancer patients in general and our members in particular to ensure that research is designed and adapted to better respond to patient needs.”

Aina Errando

Partnerships and Communications Officer

Paulína Gono (F) is the Partnerships and Communications Officer at the European Cancer Patient Coalition. She has more than 5 years of working experience with the media, public affairs, and event organisation. Previous positions include the Slovak Liaison Office for Research and Development, LYMEC and EUFAMI. Paulina has a background in journalism, she studied journalism at Comenius University in Bratislava. Paulina Gono is responsible for the communication and dissemination actions of the tasks assigned to ECPC in this project.

Paulina Gono

Communications Officer