Palliative Sedation

An EU Horizon2020 Research Project

About the project

A €4 million project to investigate how best to help patients with distressing symptoms near the end of life will focus on the clinical, ethical, legal and moral aspects of providing sedation to dying patients across Europe.

“This research will focus on improved ways of assessing and managing refractory symptoms and the adequate use of palliative sedation, taking into account differences across Europe in both clinical and ethical aspects.”

Dr. Jeroen Hasselaar

Associate Professor Jeroen Hasselaar
Project Co-ordinator

An introduction to the project

Associate Professor Jeroen Hasselaar, the project co-ordinator, introduces the project and its aims.

Our Goals:


To evidence and investigate the practice of proportional palliative sedation


To investigate the use of moral case deliberation for palliative sedation


To revise the 2009 EAPC recommended framework for palliative sedation


To increase public and professional understanding of palliative sedation

Palliative sedation at the end of life

An infographic created by the ATLANTES research team, University of Navarra, graphically demonstrating the terminologies and potential pathways incorporated into the current delivery of palliative sedation.


Behind the Scenes

An introduction to some of the research work being conducted within our Work Packages.

More details about the research being undertaken by each of the work packages can be found under the menu ‘Work Packages’.

Recent Activity

Project members held a one-day consortium meeting in the heart of Amsterdam on the 7th October 2022.

The meeting gave project members the opportunity to meet in person for the first time in years, presenting an excellent opportunity to reflect on the positive progress that each Work Package team has made. A consensus workshop was also made possible, along with a session where three consortium members were asked to present a challenging clinical case on palliative sedation.

photo of consortium members standing outside the meeting venue


Publications and other documents relating to the project can be found below.

Recent Publications

How to measure the effects and potential adverse events of palliative sedation? An integrative review
DOI: 10.1177/0269216320974264

Clinical Aspects of Palliative Sedation in Prospective Studies. A Systematic Review

Recent Presentations

The following presentations were given during a Palliative Sedation webinar, held on the 3rd June 2021.

Palliative sedation: Introduction

Clinical aspects of Palliative Sedation

Reflections on palliative sedation! Case presentations